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St. James Lutheran, LCMS

For the week of August 3 - 9,
we remember in our prayers:

  • Our nation’s leaders
  • Those serving in the armed forces
    • Jacob Young in Afghanistan
    • Andrew Horsch in Germany
  • Those grieving the loss of a loved one:
    • The family of Duane Wiebel
    • The family of Michael Lauzer
  • Those in need of health and healing (whether from illness, surgery, cancer, or other ailments) and those who care for them:
    • Carol Borg
    • LaVerne Custer
    • Mark Glessing
    • Marnie Glessing
    • Bruce Horsch (son of Don)
    • Marie Kliche
    • Pastor Phil Meyer of St. John's, Buffalo
    • Caregivers
  • Missionaries everywhere, but especially those supported by St. James:
    • Nyla Nelson
  • General Petitions:
    • Rev. William Keller as he was installed at St. James
    • Nora Gustafson as she was baptized
    • Thanksgiving for protecting Karen Schmieg and Dan Schmieg involved in a car accident
    • Jim and Carolyn Ittel on their 57th anniversary
    • Favorable growing weather
    • Thanks for all of God's blessings
    • Persecuted Christians throughout the world
    • That friends who do not know Jesus as Lord to come to faith
    • For our continued spiritual growth
    • Thanks for all who have gathered for worship
    • God's presence with those absent from our worship today

Our prayer list needs to be updated constantly.  Please remember those with long-term illnesses and shut-ins in your personal prayers.  Various needs, thanks, and celebrations are indeed reasons for prayer that we should share with our fellow members.  Please know that your communication with the pastors or church office will be required to keep names on the Prayer List longer than two weeks.