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2023/24 Faculty and Staff

Preschool: Ms. Amanda Holz

Preschool: Mrs. Stacey Sparkman

Kindergarten: Mrs. Angi Chabot

1st Grade: Mrs. Heidi Olsen

2nd Grade: Mrs. Pam Halverson

3rd Grade/Co-Administrator: Mr. Luke Dahl

4th Grade: Mrs. Chelsea Wagner

5th/6th Grades: Mrs. Lisa Kotila

7th/8th Grades: Mr. Greg Baumann

5th-8th Science/Band/General Music: Mrs. Molly Loder

Secretary/Music/Art/Co-Administrator: Mrs. Nancy Butterfass

Religion: Vicar Michael Speckhard

Religion/Administrator: Pastor Mark Loder

Paraprofessional: Mrs. Tiffani Zinchini

Cook: Mrs. Diane Odenbrett

Purpose Statement

The mission of St. James Lutheran School is to provide a Christ-centered education that EQUIPS students and their families with sound Biblical and academic training and EMPOWERS them to reach their potential as servant leaders for Jesus Christ.

Purpose motto:

Equipping and Empowering Families and Students through Christ.

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